"APMS is committed to delivering our customers with the freshest and highest quality fruit"

Packing Facility

APMS is committed to delivering our customers the freshest and highest quality fruit. We do this by ensuring that the fruit is delivered to the customer within 21 days of the fruit being packed.
This is our orchard to plate guarantee. 

Our stringent quality standards consistently exceed the current marketplace produce expectations and therefore returning a better price on your fruit.
We will only pack fruit that is above 24% Dry Matter which we test for our growers. 

APMS only use high grade cool store and grading facilities as part of our commitment to cool chain management. 

Advance Packing are always keeping up with world standards

In 2015 we invested in Compac's state of the art grading line.
We purchased an in-vision colour vision grader with a 64 drop point, 6 lane packing line that has the capacity to grade 6 million trays in our season. 

We accept all grades of fruit and ensure that we will find a home for it.


Our in-house Quality Assurance Manager (Dawn) ensures that all of our growers' orchards are Quality Assured to Fresh Care and are also accredited with ICA 30 & SQF Standards. 

Dawn's services are available to exclusive APMS growers, these services include assisting with record keeping, water testing, fruit testing and general quality control. 

She has had years of experience as an auditor and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the auditing process.


APMS is a proud suppliers of Coles & Woolworths and independent stores around the country. 

We source our avocados from everywhere between Busselton in the South West of WA to Albany in the Lower South. 

With access to the large supermarket chains, established relationships with wholesale markets and a partnership with Australia's number one avocado exporter, Advance Packing and Marketing Services is able to diversify to maximise returns and meet market demands. 


At APMS we use only professional and accredited, reputable transport companies. 

The fruit can travel as far as Queensland via rail & road and we need to ensure that the consumer receives only the best end product. 

We also only use Quality Assured avocado ripening and distribution facilities.


APMS has been involved with the Avocado Export Company Pty Ltd (AEC) since its inception in 2009 and is now sole owner of the company. 

APMS supplies AEC with premium grade fruit, packed into AEC's own branded carton 'Auspak Avocados' in size 30 count and premium bulk. 

For more on where our premium Aussie avocados go, visit


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